Event-based Cognitive Visual and Auditory Sensory Fusion

The global goal of the COFNET project is to advance in the theoretical and technological development of neuro-inspired event-based sensing and processing systems and demonstrate its potential to solve practical problems in a more efficient way than conventional technologies do. In particular, in the COFNET project we will address event-based vision and audition sensing processing, event-based vision and audition recognition systems and their training, and the fusion of these sensors information to perform multisensory recognition tasks in real time. In COFNET, we are trying to demonstrate the superior performance of the event-based technology in two practical problems. The first one is visually guided speech recognition in a noisy environment, and the second one is a robot guidance through gesture plus voice commands.

PI: Alejandro Linares Barranco  /  Ángel Francisco Jiménez Fernándes
Type: Plan Estatal 2013-2016 Excelencia – Proyectos I+D
Reference: TEC2016-77785-P
Funding by: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad
Start date: 30-12-2016
End date: 29-12-2020


Daniel Cascado Caballero
Elena Cerezuela Escudero
Fernando Díaz del Río
Juan Pedro Domínguez Morales
Manuel Jesús Domínguez Morales
Francisco Gómez Rodríguez
Gabriel Jiménez Moreno
Lourdes Miró Amarante
Rafael Paz Vicente
Fernando Pérez Peña
Manuel Rivas Pérez
Saturnino Vicente Díaz

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